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Product description

GTD, GTH efficient bucket elevator product overview:
      GTD and GTH are two types of efficient bucket elevator, is following the TD type, TH type bucket elevator in various industries have been widely used, on the basis of maintaining the original points and advanced performance of TD type TH type elevator, the introduction of development and production of a new generation of efficient bucket elevator。This model is a set of advanced technology, product economy, the use of maintenance reliability in the body of the new product, has been put into the market, and achieved user praise, welcome to compare and choose。
GTD, GTH efficient bucket elevator features and uses:
       1, GTD and GTH efficient bucket lifting machine has the characteristics of large throughput, high lifting height, stable operation, long service life and so on。It is suitable for the vertical transportation of dry bulk materials, and can be widely used in the material transportation system of building materials, chemical industry, coal, electric power, port transportation and other industries。
2, GTD type efficient bucket elevator traction component is the same as TD type elevator, for the tape type, EP conveyor belt and wire rope core tape as traction parts。The GTH type traction member is the same as the TH type, with a high-strength ring chain as the traction part, and the chain is manufactured according to GB/T12718-91 "high-strength ring chain for mining"。This equipment has two kinds of hopper。
(1)bd and dh type: This is a deep type bucket, generally suitable for conveying dry, loose, easy to throw, good flow of materials, such as cement, coal, gravel, grain and other materials。
(2)ad and ah type: shallow bucket than deep bucket, generally suitable for poor liquidity。Slightly wet materials, such as sand, coal, chemical raw materials, etc。
3, the head and tail of the machine and the middle casing are sealed, the material and dust less spill, less environmental pollution。
4, the machine is mixed or gravity discharge, cut type feeding。
5, GTH type upper wheel for assembly sprocket, rim with high strength steel bolts connected to the wheel body, after the sprocket wear, only need to change the rim, easy maintenance, save raw materials, reduce maintenance costs。The lower wheel is changed to the flange wheel, which completely changes the defects of the original double sprocket with high cost and easy chain removal。
6, GTD type upper wheel with bevelled light wheel, the wheel has a self-centering effect, can avoid the conveyor belt deviation。
7, this model in the lower part of the material level and speed controller, the user can be made according to the needs, in order to achieve the purpose of electric automatic control。
8, the machine has two kinds of tightening device, for the lifting height is not more than 25m high models, generally choose screw tightening, for the lifting height of more than 25m models, choose gravity tightening, special requirements, please explain when the user orders。

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