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How to solve the sticking of the bucket wall during the discharge of the belt conveyor?

Source: Popularity: 39620 Published time: 2020-04-09 10:53:05

Belt conveyor is used to lift a variety of bulk materials, at present is a more advanced vertical equipment, with high efficiency and energy saving characteristics。Workers who often use belt conveyors will have such a puzzle, that is, some materials will not be smooth when discharging, there will be endless discharge, and the material will stick to the discharge port。If the material is not discharged, part of the material will accumulate at the bottom of the equipment, reducing the efficiency of the hoist。So what exactly causes this problem and how to solve it?Let me tell you!

Due to different material properties, different materials should have different discharge methods。When the material has some moisture, the material is wet, and the material will stick to the wall of the hopper during the lifting process, so that some of the material is not discharged。At this time, how to avoid the material sticking on the wall of the bucket, in fact, it is very simple, we only need to speed up the speed of the equipment, increase the power, and use the centrifugal discharge method, so that you can prevent the possibility of sticking!

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