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Bucket elevator design concept and five advantages

Source: Site Popularity: 42473 Published time: 2020-04-09 10:50:33

Bucket elevator design concept

1.The conveyor chain uses the surface contact of the plate chain to replace the spot connection of the traditional bucket chain, which greatly improves the service life, and the service life of the conveyor chain can reach more than 5 years。

2.With water inlet channel, there is almost no extrusion and collision between each part of the conveyor and the material, stable operation and easy maintenance。

3.Due to the feed inflow, the discharge caused by gravity, the bucket line speed is low (15-30m/min), and the non-reflux power is only about 40% of the ordinary chain bucket elevator。

4.High operating rate, trouble-free operation of more than 30,000 hours。

5.Large conveying capacity, conveying range 15-800m3 / h。

Four points of bucket elevator

1.The lifting range is wide, and this elevator has low requirements for the type and characteristics of materials。 It can not only improve the powder and small granular materials, but also improve the high wear resistance of the material。 Good sealing performance, small environmental pollution。

2.The driving power is small, the inflow type feed is adopted, the induced discharge is adopted, and the large capacity hopper is densely arranged。 When the material is lifted, there is almost no return and excavation phenomenon, so the ineffective power is very small。

3, the operation reliability is good, advanced design principles and processing methods to ensure the reliability of the whole machine operation, trouble-free time more than 20000 hours。 High lifting height。 The hoist runs smoothly, so it can reach a higher lifting height。

4, long service life, the elevator feed adopts the inflow type, there is no need to use the bucket to dig the material, and the extrusion collision phenomenon rarely occurs between the materials。 The machine is designed to ensure less material spraying and less mechanical wear during feeding and unloading。

The hopper lifts the material from the storage below, and when the conveyor belt or chain is lifted to the top, around the jacking wheel and then turned down, the hopper lifts the material into the receiver。 插槽。 内。 The conveyor belt of the belt bucket elevator is usually a rubber belt, which is mounted on the lower drive roller or the upper drive roller and the upper and lower redirection roller。 Chain driven bucket hoists are usually equipped with two parallel drive chains with opposite drive sprockets on the upper or lower side and opposite drive sprockets on the bottom or top。 Bucket elevators are usually equipped with a housing to prevent dust from flying in the bucket elevator。

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